"Joanna Moore has unique qualifications to serve as an effective expert witness, or to assist in the preparation of key witnesses for crucial deposition or trial testimony. Her expertise comes from years of experience as an insurance claims executive, as well as her exceptional people skills. I have witnessed firsthand her ability to remain cool and focused during difficult and protracted depositions. Joanna has a wonderful ability to thoughtfully and gracefully respond to an aggressive interrogator, and has had great success in preparing witnesses to emulate her style."

David J. Brobeck, Jr. - Attorney, Brobeck, West, Borges, Rosa & Douville LLP

"I have had Joanna Moore as my witness on many occasions. Not only does she have top credentials, she is articulate and confident in her testimony. She answers questions directly, states her points clearly and defends them on cross-examination. She also brings a pleasant demeanor and professional appearance that support her credibility. I give her my highest recommendation."

John V. Hager - Attorney, Hager & Dowling

"I highly recommend Joanna Moore as an expert witness. She has vast experience in all aspects of claims handling. She started as a claims clerk and worked her way up to Senior Vice President and Chief Claims Officer of the Mercury Insurance Companies, a position she held for eighteen years. Her reasonable, down-to-earth approach and her ability to answer difficult questions in plain English make her a very effective witness in front of a judge or jury."

Lee P. O'Connor - Attorney, O'Connor, Schmeltzer & O'Connor, ALC

"I have known Ms. Moore for quite some time and have had the pleasure of working with her on issues related to witness testimony and insurance coverage. Her experience and knowledge regarding the complexity and inner-workings of the insurance field, garnered through decades-long experience in the industry, is bar none. Ms. Moore is intelligent, diligent and a brilliant strategist. Any person requiring the services of an expert witness in these areas would be well-served and lucky to have her on their team."

Vince William Finaldi, Esq. - Manly, Stewart & Finaldi