J Moore Consulting Services provides our legal and corporate community partners with effective insurance expert witness solutions. We deliver a thorough, objective, competent evaluation and analysis of property-casualty insurance claims, both first and third party. We also review cases with respect to meeting standard claims handling customs and practices criteria, reasonableness of claims service transactions, overall claims management, and adherence to Fair Claims Practices Act Regulations. We provide expert advice as to whether reasonable standards have been met under the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing. We also provide insight into contract or policy language interpretation. We provide consultative services, review and analysis, and expert witness testimony.

Additionally, we offer litigation support services in the form of preparation consultation and training for individuals, clients, or employees who may be called to testify during the litigation process, either by deposition or trial testimony. Our core values are built upon credibility, impartiality, honesty, and experience.

Expert Witness

As a former Chief Claims Officer and Sr. Vice-President, Claims, Ms Moore led a large, complex claims team of 2,000 claims professionals across 13 states. Her 33 year career in the insurance industry included 18 years of strong executive level leadership directing an expansive property-casualty claims organization. Ms Moore is particularly well-versed on the complexity of the California claims regulatory environment. Her background also includes successful experience developing claims strategy, leading broad-scale change management, process improvement, and organizational effectiveness with an emphasis on cross-functional collaboration. This industry foundation provides a unique and exceptional background for her work as an insurance expert witness. Ms moore is respected in her field, impartial in her findings and credible when testifying under oath having been called to provide testimony in numerous high dollar cases during her tenure in the insurance industry.

Litigation Preparation

Does your company, organization, firm or client have a witness, spokesperson or group who needs specialized training, or consultative services on how to become a more effective witness and testify credibly in a civil deposition or trial? If so, our firm will work directly with your client, employee, or group to fully explain and educate them on the deposition process, court trial or hearing procedure. We teach stategies to reduce their anxiety. We will also conduct generic role-play and practice exercises. Our goal is to develop them to be the most effective witness possible for their particular case.